Behind the Scenes – Wilmington, NC Boudoir

Sep 2, 2019

I recognize that one of the most intimidating aspects of booking a boudoir portrait session (especially if you’ve never done anything like it) is the uncertainty of how the whole thing is actually going to happen. As in, am I going to have to style myself and know which makeup looks best on me? Am I just going to be in this random room with a stranger in my underwear and she’s going to tell me, “Okay, go!” and I will freeze up and have no idea what to do? Is my photographer going to share all of my photos on the internet afterwards?

Let’s clear up some of these concerns!

At Atlantic Boudoir, you will have a professional hair stylist and makeup artist who will glam you up before your session. You can sip a mimosa, listen to music and chat with both myself and the stylists while they’re getting you ready. We joke, we laugh, we share things about ourselves – it’s awesome. I always ask my clients if they have a preference on hair and makeup styling (this is your shoot, after all!), but most say, “just do what you want!” That’s where my ladies really shine at highlighting your best features as well as ensuring that the makeup palate we choose for you does not clash with the colors of any of your selected outfits.

After you’re ready, we go up to the studio and discuss which outfit we are going to start with. Before we begin, I give you a brief overview of some things I am going to be directing you to do frequently, such as point your toes, bend your knees, take deep breaths through your mouth and of course, arch your back! As long as the client is okay with it, I end up physically moving your hands, legs, and even repeatedly fluff and adjust your hair as we go. I also physically demonstrate almost every post as well! I almost always start off posing you on the chaise lounge because it’s comfortable, less intimidating, and works well for everyone! You do not have to worry about knowing “what to do”!

At any point at all you can take a break, get some water, stretch – do what you need to do. The session is quite the workout and I need breaks, too! 😉 I’ll be jumping on and off a stool and the bed, kneeling on the floor, laying on the floor, dragging furniture around…I look quite manic sometimes and you’re allowed to laugh at me.

When we’re done, you get dressed and I send you out for an hour break for lunch while I cull (i.e. narrow down) your images for the big reveal. (Don’t be surprised if you get some compliments on your lunch break, you sassy siren, you!) You return and we go through all of your un-retouched images together. If you’re choosing to purchase an album, we design the album together. The image reveal and ordering appointment is always one of my favorite parts of the day because I get to see my client’s reactions to their photos.

Every client must sign a “Model Release” form, but no one is required to share their images. There are also different levels of the model release if you want only a certain outfit shared, you’re okay with anonymous, etc. The images you see on my website, social media, etc. are only because we are lucky enough that these women chose to share them with the world!

My ultimate goal is for the session to be fun, empowering, enlightening, and energizing. Nerves should be melting away by the time we start rolling. What questions or concerns do you have about a boudoir portrait session? Feel free to email me and let me know!

Check out these behind-the-scenes shots from a session with one of my amazing hair/makeup artists, Felicia Dixon of Hair Tease Salon/BBJ Beauty!