Boost in Confidence from Boudoir

Nov 15, 2020

This beautiful babe scheduled this session as a wedding gift to her fiance, and she was NERVOUS! She was stepping outside of her comfort zone big time and I was so, so proud of her for taking the leap. Plus, she brought her veil along with her for some shots, and her fiance has no idea she’ll be wearing one. I can’t wait for her to give her album to her soon-to-be-husband and blow his mind with the surprise – but there will be no surprise as to how gorgeous she is in the images…that, he already knows. 🥰

How do you think your session went?

What was the best part of the experience for you?
Seeing the images

Now that you’ve completed your session and seen your images, is there something that you would have liked to tell your pre-session self to do, not do, or not to worry about?
Accept my body as it is!

Would you change anything about the experience? If yes, what specifically? Is there anything we can improve?
Not one thing

Body confidence ranked on a scale of 1-10?
Before Session: 1
After Session: 8!

“Every woman should do a boudoir session at least once! It was far from my comfort zone but Alisha made the whole experience amazing! I felt like I have known her for years. I will definitely be doing another one!”



Hair: Jasmine Kay
Makeup: Melanie Fuller, Kiss & Makeup

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