Ms. S’s Beautiful Testimonial

Apr 30, 2021

So let me begin this post by saying that my client testimonials (a.k.a. “love notes”) are seriously one of my favorite parts about my business. Being the gushy and emotional mess that I am, reading my Sirens’ feedback makes me melt every time. Now, Ms. S’s recent feedback questionnaire rocked my world (and I’m sure you’ll understand why once you read her feedback below).

She is a beautiful person who told me she almost cancelled her shoot right before her session date because she was feeling so uncertain in the outfits she purchased for herself. Well, the two of us are SO glad that she summoned the courage to go for it – because the experience was definitely a game changer for her. Check out her gallery and testimonial below!


How do you think your session went?

What was the best part of the experience for you?
Getting my pictures taken and seeing my pictures at the end.

Now that you’ve completed your session and seen your images, is there something that
you would have liked to tell your pre-session self to do, not do, or not to worry about?
Pre-session self, you are a beautiful, sexy, & confident person. Don’t be so hard on yourself & be sure to love who you are. Before you have always struggled with accepting the way you look and the way you think people see you. No more of that. You need to wake up every morning and say “I’m a bad bitch!!”

Would you change anything about the experience? If yes, what specifically? Is there anything we can improve?

How would you rate your body confidence post-session on a scale from 1-10?
9! (pre: 3)

“I have always struggled with feeling confident about the way I look. I’m a wife, mother of 3 girls (16, 15, 4), and work full time. So it’s hard to focus on me. February 2020 I decided it was time to focus on me. I lost 45 pounds in a year. For once in my life I had started loving me and loving the way I look. Also, I turned 40 a month ago today. 

With my new found love in myself I decided that I wanted to do boudoir pictures. I searched for photographers in North Carolina and I kept coming back to Atlantic Boudoir in Wilmington. I live about 4 1/2 hours away but the distance didn’t matter. I filled out my contact information and scheduled a phone session with Alisha. She was very helpful with all the information I needed to know. I decided that I was going to do it. This was something I am doing for ME. I always do for others, but not this time! 

 About a week or so before my session, I almost cancelled because I didn’t think I looked good in the outfits I had ordered. I’m sure glad I didn’t cancel. From getting my hair & makeup done to having my pictures taken was amazing!!! I was so excited to see the pictures after lunch. Never did I think I looked so amazing. This is just what I needed for me!!! 

I highly recommend booking a session with Alisha at Atlantic Boudoir. I will be back again for another session. I can’t thank Alisha and her team enough for making me feel amazing, beautiful, and confident about myself again.”



Hair: Felicia Dixon, Hair Tease Salon
Makeup: Melanie Fuller, Kiss & Makeup

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