“OMG, that’s really me?!” – Ms. R Wilmington Boudoir

Jun 17, 2019

I cannot say enough about this beautiful gal. As soon as I met her and found out what she does for a living, I knew we were meant to be connected souls. You see, Meredith does something very different than me for work – she is a health, wellness and mindset coach. However, our missions are the same – to enable women to be comfortable and happy in the skin they’re in, feel confident and see their beauty!

I was so honored that she allowed me to photograph her. She has such a light about her and is so genuine. She knew that I typically shoot a bit dark and moody and she wanted a brighter look for her boudoir images to match her brand and personality – I was happy to oblige! We went with white cotton sheets and casual but sexy outfits like her Calvin Klein undies and slouchy sweater. I did encourage her to try on a lacy black bodysuit for some shots because she had never worn anything like it – and she looked amazing! I loved helping her explore a side of herself that she wasn’t as in touch with. I am so glad she set aside her nerves and allowed me to guide her over the course of the afternoon and trust that I was bringing out the best in her! One of my favorite parts of Meredith’s session (and everyone’s session, to be honest) was experiencing her reaction to her own images. She was stunned that she could photograph like that – which is amazing to me, because that’s what I see!

Meredith, thank you for being such an inspiration for me during this session and sharing your light with the world.



“Before meeting Alisha I never considered doing a boudoir photo shoot. Although I’m very confident and proud of my body, I wasn’t necessarily comfortable being “sexy.” I was a little nervous going into the shoot and I was worried I would mess it up somehow or that I would look fake. But once I had my hair and makeup done I felt AMAZING! Alisha was so professional and passionate and bubbly that I was immediately at ease. I had so much fun and the photos turned out so well! Honestly, I couldn’t believe how natural and authentic they looked. I looked glammed up but I still looked like me which is exactly what I was hoping for. I’m so thankful to have this experience, new confidence, and beautiful photos. Thanks, Alisha!”


Muse: Meredith Rawlings, Mere Body & Soul
Hair: Felicia Dixon, Hair Tease Salon
Makeup: Melanie Fuller, Kiss & Makeup