New Wilmington, NC Boudoir Studio

Oct 9, 2020

I’m finally getting around to blogging about my new studio space and let me tell you…I am SO EXCITED about it!

I’ve been dreaming of a bigger space with more light for months, and worked on manifesting it daily. I tried to be patient and trust that it was out there, but I tend to struggle with patience.

Two weeks ago, I was connected to the landlord of these recently up-fitted buildings (to be called Nora Station) on South 17th Street near the Cargo District, and went to see them that same afternoon. I immediately saw the potential in this super cool industrial-style building with lots of windows, white brick walls and cement and slate floors. Plus, it’s only a couple miles from downtown! I “slept on it” overnight but by the next morning, I was messaging the landlord telling him that I would take the large front office space he had offered me.

When he asked when I wanted to move in, I looked at my calendar. It was going to be a busy October of shoots, birthdays, our anniversary, etc. I asked my neighbor if he could help me move the furniture on Monday, then committed to it…even though I had a shoot booked for the next day!

Luckily, it all went very smoothly thanks to the wonderful support system I have in my life, and I had fabulous first session in the new space (and again on Thursday!).

It’s a work in progress and I plan to be making adjustments as I go, but so far, I think it was the perfect choice. There’s plenty of room for me to set up the “faux shower,” and I even plan to move the vintage tub set into here this winter so that I can offer that set more than just in the spring and summer! (No water, though!)

One of my first priorities is getting even more plants in here – what do you think of a plant/succulent wall behind the headboard of the bed?

I’d love to hear your feedback on the space, so feel free to shoot me a note at Also, there are seven other office spaces available in this building, so please also email me if you’re interested in taking a look!

I’m booking into spring 2021, so if you want to get into this new space next year, set up a time to chat with me here!