30th Birthday Gift for Him

Feb 11, 2022


Ms. C was my last client of 2021 and was ANOTHER 30th birthday celebration…but this time, it was for her guy’s birthday surprise! We had a really good time and she loved incorporating her boyfriend’s shirt that she snuck away from him. 😉

I can only share her “anonymous” images from all of the gorgeous ones she chose, but I’m sure you will still enjoy them paired with her story below!

How do you think your session went?
It went wonderful!

What was the best part of the experience for you?
I felt very confident during the photo shoot and during the photo reveal. I haven’t felt that confident in a very long time.

Now that you’ve completed your session and seen your images, is there something that you would have liked to tell your pre-session self to do, not do, or not to worry about?
Don’t worry about your “flaws”.

Would you change anything about the experience? If yes, what specifically? Is there anything we can improve?
No, it was amazing!

How would you rate your body confidence post-session on a scale from 1-10?
9 (pre: 6)

How do your photos make you feel empowered? Do they make you feel seen? Describe how you might see something in yourself you haven’t seen in awhile (if you feel that way).
I felt truly beautiful looking at them and very confident in my appearance. It was empowering to see how strong my body is.

“I cannot refer Alisha and Atlantic Boudoir enough! From the moment I walked in the studio I felt very welcomed and empowered. My hair and make up team was amazing, I went for a more natural look as I am not very glamorous and it worked well for what I was looking for. During the shoot Alisha was amazing in giving me direction on how to pose. We laughed a lot which made me feel more comfortable. We did 3 outfits and one special for my boyfriend. I cannot wait to give him the most amazing (in my opinion) 30th birthday present ever. I had so much and would love to do more in the future!”



Hair: Felicia Dixon, Hair Tease Salon
Makeup: Melanie Fuller, Kiss & Makeup

I’m telling ya, birthday celebrations are super popular in my studio! Get yourself on my calendar for yours here. 🥰