“Amazing From Start To Finish.”

Jul 23, 2023

Ms. W is newer to the area and I’m SO glad she found me! Her main goal was getting some new wall art for their bedroom and you know how much I love the metal prints!

Between her gorgeous eyes, hair and smile, I was ooh-ing and aah-ing over her the whole time. I also loved that she did the shower set, and gave FULL model release of her amazing gallery! 😍

How do you think your session went?
Absolutely amazing from start to finish.

What was the best part of the experience for you?
The best part of the experience was doing the shoot and hearing the excitement about certain photos!

Now that you’ve completed your session and seen your images, is there something that you would have liked to tell your pre-session self to do, not do, or not to worry about?
I would tell my pre-session self not to worry about the outfits. I had some issues with outfits I ordered that showed up and didn’t fit so I really only had a couple of choices to take with me, but it didn’t matter.

Would you change anything about the experience? If yes, what specifically? Is there anything we can improve?
No, I thought everything was flawless! I am a big believer in constructive criticism and trying to find ways to help someone, but this is a smooth as it could go, as great as it could go… I do not have enough good words.

How would you rate your body confidence post-session on a scale from 1-10?
9 (Pre: 7)

How do your photos make you feel empowered? Do they make you feel seen? Describe how you might see something in yourself you haven’t seen in awhile (if you feel that way).
Looking at the pictures I could see the relaxation, the confidence, and the fun and excitement. I didn’t feel any of this in myself before going to the shoot.

“There is nothing that I can say bad about this experience or Alisha! I had so much fun, felt so great, and I’m still speechless looking at the pictures even before they’re edited! From hair and makeup to the poses to the sets to the lunch and massage everything was wonderful and exceeded my expectations!”



Hair/Makeup: Lauren Taylor Beauty

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