Fun Date Ideas for Couples

Jan 29, 2023

With Valentine’s Day coming up soon, you may be looking for new date ideas that you can do with your partner. Here are some fresh ideas for you to try out with your babe:

  1. Go on a scenic hike or walk and enjoy the outdoors together.
  2. Take a cooking or baking class and learn a new skill together.
  3. Visit a winery or brewery for a tour and tasting (you know we have a ton of these around Wilmington!)
  4. Go to a comedy show or club (Dead Crow Comedy is one of my all-time favorite places to go for date night.)
  5. Check out a local farmers market and cook a meal with the fresh ingredients.
  6. Go to a concert or music festival.
  7. Try out a new restaurant or go to a food festival.
  8. Go to a museum or art gallery.
  9. Take a dance class or go salsa dancing.
  10. Go on a boat ride or take a ferry to a nearby town.
  11. Go to a trampoline park or an indoor rock climbing facility.
  12. Attend a sporting event or go to a local sports game.
  13. Go to a theme park or an amusement park.
  14. Do something adventurous like sky diving, take a hot air balloon ride or go “glamping”.
  15. Go on a scenic drive or road trip to a nearby destination.

But we can’t forget MY favorite…do a couples’ boudoir shoot! 😉 Engaging in this intimate experience with your partner is guaranteed to bring you two closer than ever! I love capturing couples’ chemistry and love for one another in a safe, comfortable, fun and sexy setting.


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