What Jewelry to Wear for Your Boudoir Shoot

Apr 23, 2021

Not everyone has a diamond ring, strand of pearls or killer earrings (or even cares to!). You DON’T need to have fancy jewelry to do a boudoir shoot!

Sure, I love to highlight special jewelry in my sessions – there’s always going to be a detail shot or two of a wedding/engagement or any other special ring, and a statement necklace does not  disappoint. That being said, there are plenty of women who come to their boudoir sessions wearing no jewelry at all! Here’s why this isn’t an issue:

  • The shoot is about YOU, not your outfit or your accessories. They’re definitely fun details, but not necessary in order to have stunning pictures. I’m more concerned about the sparkle in your eyes than in your diamond.
  • I have body jewelry to offer in the Client Wardrobe. Never worn a body chain before? No problem – what better time to try something new than a boudoir session?
  • Long, dangly earrings and necklaces actually get tricky to pose during the session, and depending on the style of the jewelry, they may only be kept on for a couple pictures. Simple studs are the best way to add some glam without worrying about where they “fall!”

Don’t have anything currently but want to accessorize? Check out Amazon, thrift stores, Poshmark, etc. You don’t have to spend a lot, especially on pieces that you may not wear again!

Request a 15-minute consultation call to go over the details of the experience I offer, from the jewelry to the Client Wardrobe!