Myths About Boudoir Photography – Wilmington, NC

May 25, 2020

I’ve been pretty surprised by some of the misconceptions about boudoir photography that I’ve been presented since starting my business. Here are some of the top myths about boudoir portraits that I have debunked for you!

You have to be a specific size.
It does not matter what size you are; boudoir is about embracing yourself the way you are. I will work with you to find outfits that you feel sexy, confident and powerful in so that you can rock your shoot.

You have to get naked.
Nope, you don’t! Many of my clients do end up requesting some nude or topless photos at the end of their session, but it is in no way required or expected. These are YOUR portraits and we will make them what you envision them to be!

You have to be able to pose yourself.
This one makes me giggle because I envision myself pointing the camera at my clients and saying, “okay, be sexy!” and expecting them to just whip out some poses (I use this line on my phone consults often!). I pose you every step of the way – including your hands, feet, lips, etc. You don’t have to stress – just relax and follow my instructions the best that you can!

You have to be a certain age.
I will preface this by saying that I only photograph womxn 18 years or older. Besides that, there is no age LIMIT to have boudoir portraits taken! Why the hell wouldn’t someone in their 60s/70s/80s/90s deserve to feel powerful and beautiful?!

You have to have a partner to gift the photos to.
Wrong wrong wrong. These images are really for YOU! And more importantly, the experience is for you. Honestly, I look at my boudoir album more than my husband does!

You have to be super confident already.
This is probably my favorite one to debunk. You do NOT have to be confident to do a boudoir shoot, but you do have to be brave. If you take the leap outside of your comfort zone and trust that you’re ready for the process, the confidence will come afterwards!

Did I miss any? Or do you feel a little bit more ready to discuss the experience now? Get in touch here.