You Don’t Have to Associate Sensuality With Shame

Jun 17, 2021

Have you ever felt shameful for feeling sexy?

You check yourself out in the mirror, see your curves, your eyes, your smile, and feel genuinely attractive. Then comes the mental hit of, “oh my…who am I to feel sexy? Gross!”

Yep, you’re not alone. We’re taught at a young age that we should feel ashamed for feeling beautiful, sensual and especially sexy.

I encourage you to dig deep and try to discover why feeling attractive has the potential to spark these intense emotions of self-reproach and humiliation. When you acknowledge the shame and its origin, it starts to lose power.

One of the ways I help my clients move beyond this shame is by creating safe space for acknowledgement in my womxn-only Facebook community; posts, memes and discussions meant to spark thoughts on self-acceptance and body image are regularly shared.

I also am a strong proponent for complete freedom in self-expression and women living their lives in the way that makes them feel the most empowered. Along the same lines, during the in-person consultation and the session itself at my studio, I am completely open to both modesty and nudity – it doesn’t matter to me. My studio is a safe space without judgement.

During my sessions, I encourage my clients to try to tap into their feminine energy and move in ways that feel natural to them. This may include prompts such as “run your hands through your hair,” “close your eyes and take a deep breath,” etc.

It may take some time to relax, but once you are more in touch with your body, you will be better able to embrace your sensuality (which honestly results in better photographs!).

One of my clients, Ms. W, used her boudoir session with me as a transformative experience in regards to her relationship with her own sexuality:

“It helped me along my journey of realizing you can be a spiritual woman with a beautiful heart, but also own your sexuality and be confident in the badass woman you were created to be!”

Request a short call with me if you think that your body-related shame is preventing you from having an incredible boudoir portrait session – I would love to chat!