Why You SHOULDN’T Book a Boudoir Session – Wilmington, NC

Oct 6, 2019

Yeah, you read that right. I want to tell you why you should NOT book a boudoir session.

You should not do a boudoir session for anyone else (well, not as the main reason, anyway).

Sure, the prints, album, or wall art makes an amazing gift for a partner or someone you love. But the real reason you should choose to invest in this experience is for what it will do for you personally. You see, boudoir sessions are not about getting “sexy pictures” taken so that you can prove to everyone else how beautiful you are. They’re to prove to YOU how f*cking incredible you are.

When you look in the mirror, what are your initial thoughts? Are they positive and uplifting? Or do you critique every little thing about yourself? The thing about reflections is that your brain can interpret your reflection however it wants to and however it has subconsciously been trained to in the past.

On the other hand, when you see a photo of yourself, it is much harder to project your criticisms and self-doubt because essentially, a photograph is factual evidence of the way something is. Additionally, when you are looking at your reflection, you’re typically focusing on a specific part of your reflection and don’t see the overall picture. A photograph can help you see the “whole” you.

Of course, these reasons are at the superficial level. I believe that the real reason that boudoir portraits can help change your perspective and confidence level (when done correctly) is through the process itself. What do I mean?

1. You’re doing something that qualifies as “self-care” for yourself.

2. You’re getting pumped up by me, other members of my team and other women who have gone through the same experience, creating positive reinforcement and camaraderie.

3. You’re most likely being brave and stepping out of your comfort zone, which gives you a natural high.

4. You’re learning to love your imperfections because you realize that EVERYONE is imperfect.

5. You’re investing in a physical reminder of this time that you decided to do something that made you feel good.

Now do you see why I say you should not do a boudoir session solely for someone else? This is something you should commit to when you’re ready to open yourself up, be vulnerable, and start a self-love healing process that will hopefully continue for the rest of your life.

As always, I’m here to talk if something inspires you.

xoxo, Alisha