You Don’t Need Confidence BEFORE a Boudoir Shoot

Jun 25, 2021

If I had a puppy for every time I heard, “I want to book one of these when I have more confidence!”…I’d have a lot of puppies.

And my Pit Bull would be super jealous.

What I want to scream from the mountaintops about boudoir/intimate portraits is that the confidence comes DURING and AFTER your experience, not before! Let’s break it down…

You’re not feeling that great about yourself and/or your body at the moment. You may feel discouraged and frustrated and probably even stuck. But you know you’re ready to change your mindset and your reality.

So what steps do you take?

You can try self-help and professional development courses and books (trust me, these are great).

You can start possibly eating better and paying more attention to what you’re putting into your body and what fuels you.

You can go shopping for a whole new wardrobe to make sure you’re wearing clothes that fit you properly and make you feel good.

You can start moving your body regularly – this is super important for everyone and has a great and immediate positive impact!

OR (/AND)…

You can invest in yourself with a boudoir session.

You may think that you should book this experience for AFTER you make all the “changes” you need to feel confident. But the reality is that a boudoir session has the potential to jumpstart your mental/emotional/physical transformation.

You most likely don’t need any physical transformation to feel more confident – you just need to start thinking about yourself in a different, kinder way; through the eyes of appreciation, gratitude and pride.

You’ll be doing something brave and exciting and maybe outside of your comfort zone – confidence boost #1.

You will learn new ways to dress your body and carry yourself – boost #2.

You’ll make connections with many like-minded women in a community that lifts you up and assures you that you are incredible – boost #3.

You will see yourself in photos in a way you never have before. We work on embracing all of you and treasuring your favorite qualities – boost #4.

Finally, when you complete the experience, you will have a physical reminder of all of these emotions and how strong and gorgeous you are that you can look back on whenever you want. BOOM.

So if you are ready to FEEL CONFIDENT NOW, stop waiting. Schedule a call with me and let’s get this party started because the world needs you, baby girl.