You Don’t Need to Bring Heels!

Mar 12, 2021

You’ll see that many of my clients are wearing gorgeous high heels in their images. If you think that it’s because these women wear shoes like this regularly, you’re wrong!

Almost every one of my clients doesn’t typically wear heels. Most of them don’t even own a pair! Here is why this is not something that should keep you from booking a boudoir session.

1. I keep a variety of heels in my Client Wardrobe for you to borrow! Currently I have sizes 6.5 – 10 and am working on expanding the size range.

2. If you have a specific look you’re going for but don’t want to buy a pair that you’ll never wear again, I recommend you check out thrift stores! Goodwill, Clothes Mentor, Fairy Circle, etc. ALWAYS have cute heels for super cheap.

3. We don’t wear the heels the whole session! I typically like to pair the heels with the outfit you wear second on the couch/standing set because I think it looks the best (long legs, ow ow!), but that is flexible. You don’t have to worry about your feet killing you for 90 minutes!

4. If you are truly not a heels person and don’t want to wear them at all, that is perfectly FINE. I would never make you wear something you weren’t comfortable in.

Schedule a short consultation call with me so I can assure you why you don’t have to worry about shoes for your session.