Release & Reveal:

A Curated Package to Boost Your Empowerment

Are you ready to unlock the extraordinary power within you? Designed specifically for women, our “Release & Reveal” package is your key to stepping into a life of confidence, empowerment, and authentic self-expression. Whether you’re already on a path of growth and need that extra push, or you’re feeling stuck, scared, and uncertain about how to start your journey, this unique program is for you.

This program is perfect for…

Women seeking further support and pathways to continue on their personal development journey and elevate their results.

Women desiring change, empowerment, and confidence but are unsure of where to start.

Those who haven’t yet begun their empowerment journey but are ready to take the first step.

Those who are already growing and seek additional support to amplify their success and momentum.

What’s Included?

1. Breakthrough Bundle Coaching and Healing Package

Work one-on-one with Energy Healer and Life Coach, Annette Moreau. This part of the program includes three separate 60-minute coaching and healing sessions – uniquely designed to help you discover deep truths about yourself and experience some emotional freedom that will empower you to break through what’s been holding you back. Annette will guide you through clearing and releasing the key emotional blocks that prevent you from living the life you love. Value: $500

The Breakthrough Bundle is for you if:

You long to feel more genuine joy

You wonder if there’s something about yourself blocking you from loving yourself and your life

You’ve been trying your best but still don’t feel as good as you want and now you’re confused

2. Petite Boudoir Session with Atlantic Boudoir

Experience a transformative boudoir session that celebrates your unique beauty and strength. Choose from four stunning set options and enjoy five professionally retouched digital images that capture your essence. Value: $596

Alisha Browne, boudoir photographer in Wilmington, NC

The Boudoir Experience includes:

Wardrobe Guide and Pre-Session Questionnaire

Access to Atlantic Boudoir’s Extensive Client Wardrobe

10% Off All Audacity Intimates Lingerie

30-45 Minute Session with Alisha in Your Choice of Set

Professional Posing Coaching from Head to Toe

Private Image Reveal

Your Choice of 5 Professionally Retouched Digital Images

Package Cost: $1,000

“I was excited-nervous going into this. I have wanted to do something like this for over a decade now but never had the courage or confidence within myself to put myself out there like this. Alisha made the whole experience from beginning to end so easy, amazing, fun, and gave me the boost I needed to feel better about myself.

I was absolutely astonished when I saw all my photos after the shoot! I couldn’t believe that was me! I looked and felt beautiful, gorgeous, self confident, & empowered! I recommend every lady to have this experience at least once in your lifetime! You will NOT regret this, I promise you!! Thank you again Alisha for the experience and the best birthday I’ve had in awhile!”

– Ms. K, Atlantic Boudoir Client


“I chose to work with Annette because I understood that my past had left an emotional burden within that I couldn’t escape and yet longed to be free from its painful scars. I had no experience with energy healing. Annette did a great job explaining this invisible, spiritual realm and work to me and helped me define what exactly I wanted to deal with and release. She was very attentive, compassionate, and kind.

Everything went smoothly, even very emotionally. In that moment, she was present, letting the emotion express, stepping back but still welcoming and guiding me into this inner journey of insight and freedom. It was a very strong and powerful experience and I would recommend it to anybody ready to dig in the past, in order to better understand who they are and to step into a lighter future.” 

-Martine K, TN, Annette Moreau Client

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