Free Body Positivity Affirmations Download

Aug 25, 2019

When you come to see me at my studio for your consultation/personal styling session, you will find that I do NOT allow any negative body talk. You’d better compliment yourself in that mirror! 👑

One of the most important things we can do for our confidence is to speak positively about ourselves TO ourselves (big shout-out to the incredible Meredith Rawlings for helping me on that journey!).

That’s why I created a simple PDF download with some body-positivity and self-love affirmation ideas to get you started.

How does this even work?

  • You can write them down in your journal each night or morning (or both).
  • You can write them on sticky notes and stick them to your mirror.
  • You can memorize them and repeat them to yourself out loud (or internally).
  • You can set reminders on your phone to pop up throughout the day (especially helpful if your affirmations are based on how you tend to feel during specific periods of your day!).
  • You can create a phone or computer wallpaper graphic using a free software like Canva with your affirmation so that you read it every time you open your device.

These are only some ideas, and the download is just to get your creative juices flowing! You will know best what you need to hear.

Here’s the link to access the download!