Boudoir Portraits are Forever – Wilmington, NC

Jul 21, 2019

Making the decision to invest in yourself via boudoir portraits is a good one (*wink wink*), but you also want to be sure that you’re getting your images preserved in a way that will benefit you infinitely.

I use the word “invest,” because that’s what it is. Images are essentially immortal, and you will treasure your photos long after your iPhone XR shits the bed and you need a new one, or your Honda CR-V hits 250,000 miles and starts to require significant repairs. (Ugh, new car payments!)

Think about flipping through your parents, grandparents or other relatives’ old photos albums. Don’t you love seeing photos of yourself as a baby? What about seeing your parents or grandparents when they were your age – how fun is that? Maybe everyone doesn’t geek out about photo albums and images as much as I do, but they’re truly something special.

When my mother in law passed unexpectedly this spring, the first thing I did was ask the family to start sending me their favorite photos of her from any stage of her life. I collected these and made a display for her funeral so that her loved ones could look back at all the times they had with her and feel grateful.

What was even better than the finished product was the time the family spent together beforehand sifting through boxes of photos and sharing their memories of the images out loud. It brought us to tears, laughter and a sense of togetherness that was desperately needed at the time.

You may choose to never share your boudoir images with anyone but yourself or your partner; or, you may leave your album right out on the coffee table for the world to see. Regardless of what you choose to do, remember that this experience and your images are meant to remind you forever of how gloriously strong and unique you are. Whenever you’re feeling down, doubting yourself or in need a confidence boost, you can go back to those images and there you’ll be – preserved in all of your glory.