What to do with your Boudoir Photos – Wilmington, NC Boudoir Photography

Jul 14, 2019

Along your boudoir portrait journey you may have thought at some point, “Sure, these boudoir portraits will be amazing, but what am I supposed to do with them?” There are lots of ways to treasure and preserve your gorgeous portraits depending on your lifestyle and your level of comfort with displaying artwork – so I’m here to give you some ideas of what to do with your boudoir photos.

Design a luxury boudoir album

This is ultimately my favorite way to keep your boudoir portraits because the albums are gorgeous and sturdy, and an album is still private but is easily accessible for you to enjoy your images whenever you wish. The albums that Atlantic Boudoir offers are not something you can find on Shutterfly or other similar companies – these albums are created by professional photos labs and have one piece wraparound covers in leather and other luxury material options with thick pages that lay flat. Also, since I print with professional labs, you can feel comfortable that your privacy is protected (i.e. the employee at the local photo counter isn’t printing duplicates of your dairy aire for themselves! Ew.).



Print artwork to display on the wall

A lot of women’s initial reaction when I suggest this is a bit surprised – “People do that??” But I assure you, there are many ways you can display your boudoir portraits without feeling overexposed when your mother-in-law comes to visit.

Atlantic Boudoir offers glossy metal wall prints in several different sizes that are classy, gorgeous and artistic. I recommend hanging these in your bedroom, your bathroom, or in your walk-in closet. That way you’re reminded of how stunning and strong you are every day – simply by going to pick out your clothes. 🙂



Preserve prints in an heirloom glass box

Another option for enjoying your boudoir portraits is, of course, through prints. Atlantic Boudoir offers a rose gold glass box that holds 4 x 6” prints – and there’s even a space for a crystal USB drive for your digital files if you choose.

These heirloom boxes are a good option for those who want to have their physical images to enjoy but are able to stow the box in a dresser drawer or nightstand for privacy if they wish. The prints also allow you to choose an image to display and rotate them out so you never get tired of your breathtaking self.



Protect your investment with digital files

I offer the high-resolution digital files of your images, including the printing rights, as add-ons to both collections and a la carte purchases. Since I do not archive client’s images, having these files is key to protecting your images forever. For example, imagine purchasing a luxury boudoir album and a few months later, you have it out on the coffee table showing it off to your girlfriends and someone spills their wine all over the book. This would be disastrous if that was the only version of that image in existence. BUT, if you purchased your digital files, you have the ability to re-print your images however you choose. Phew!

Regardless of how to choose to treasure your boudoir images forever, I’m here to help make the decision process a lot easier. I can tell you for certain, when you see your images, you’ll know that they aren’t meant to live on a USB drive in a drawer!