Trust and Intimacy – Wilmington, NC Boudoir

Jul 8, 2019

One thing that touches me the most when I meet the women who I eventually photograph is how much many of them open up to me. I have a hard time not sharing everything with everyone, and sometimes my husband has to gently remind me to “reel it in” a bit. (I guess not everyone is open to talking about their sex life when they’ve just met? My bad.)

But honestly, whatever your comfort level is with people, that’s fine; my personal journey has taught me that you can truly connect with people throughout your life when you let them in on some of your intimate or even embarrassing quirks.

The reason I share this tidbit with you today is because this Atlantic Siren, Ms. C, shared some of the most intimate details of her journey as a wife, new mother and as a woman in general with me – before her session, during and even since. I knew as soon as I met her that she was authentic in the way where everyone she met was her friend, and that was a result of simply trusting other humans. It was beautiful.

As we began her session, she said she was “awkward” and “nervous,” but she didn’t come across as either. As we progressed and I showed her some images on the back of the camera, I saw her relax and this raw, sexy confidence spilled through. All I could think was, ‘atta girl.

You’re going to want to like your boudoir photographer, and you’re absolutely going to need to trust them. Honestly, it’s not even really about your body – sure, you may not be used to “exposing” so much of yourself to someone other than your partner; but more than that, you’re putting yourself in a situation that has the potential to be so emotionally vulnerable that lacking a connection with your photographer could be extremely detrimental. So keep this in mind as you explore photographers and your level of comfort with this experience.

I want my clients to know – I don’t take this trust lightly. I hear you, I see you, and I am truly grateful that you place your confidence in me. Thank you.



“I have never met anyone like Alisha! You go in thinking, should I really be doing this?? I second guessed myself so much. Every pose I would say to myself, ‘Look at all that cellulite… eww, you’re so flabby!’ I got my photos back and I couldn’t believe I was the one in them! I felt so good about myself and have my confidence back, thanks to Alisha!”

Makeup: Paula Vargas