Alternatives to Tanning Before Your Boudoir Shoot

Apr 19, 2021

I hear ya – you really want to get boudoir portraits taken, especially if you have a special event coming up, but you feel like you are just “too pale” at the moment.

You’re thinking, I’ll wait to book until I’ve had some warmer months in the sun to develop a tan. Keep in mind that tans are actually skin damage and there are healthy ways to achieve a summer glow without permanent damage!

My first feedback to women who feel that they are not tan enough to have photos taken will always be that your skin is beautiful the way it is and there’s no need to make any changes before your photo shoot. I’ll always encourage your natural, healthy skin!

That being said, I know that having a tan tends to be a confidence booster for women, so if you are feeling like you want to get a little bit more golden for your boudoir shoot, there are several options for you besides waiting for time in the sun or laying in a tanning bed!

A spray tan, or airbrush tan, is a great solution for some temporary color that looks natural and is quick and easy. I have several great professionals in the Wilmington area that I would be happy to recommend for this. You may even get offered the option for some light contouring, which can highlight your natural shape and muscle definition.

If you want something more subtle or that costs a little less, there are always self-tanning lotions that you can buy. There are many different ones out there, but I personally recommend Coco Glow by Pure Romance. I will point out that you have to be extra careful with these because since you are applying the lotion yourself, there is always the possibility that you could not apply the solution evenly or have discolored spots on places like your knees and elbows.

I do state in my contract that if you get a spray tan or apply self tanner and the hue is too orange, I am not responsible for fixing the skin tone in your images. Orange skin tone is very hard to fix, so make sure that you use a product/go to a professional that you trust. Additionally, I require that you get your spray tan a minimum of two days before your shoot so that the product has had time to develop and will not stain any of my furniture.

I can review your options and give you recommendations during your in-person consultation; request a short call with me so that we can go over all the reasons why your skin tone is not an issue!