Why Your Selfies Will Never be as Good as a Professional’s

Apr 9, 2021

It can be frustrating to try to take pictures of yourself and not like the results. You follow all the photographers “tips and tricks” for taking good photos, but they just don’t turn out like the ones of their clients they share. Here’s why.

Professional photographers are trained on many aspects of what goes into creating a good image. Two of the most important of these are angles and framing. Even if you have a tripod for your camera or phone, you’ll never be able to adjust in real time to capture the ideal composure of your image.

It is also likely that we have better equipment for taking photos than you as well. It’s not just the camera body, but also the lens, lighting, reflectors, editing software, etc. It’s the combination of all these resources that can completely change the quality of the final image.

We know how to coach facial expressions and body poses and get you to adjust yourself for the shot. We are seeing the image that the camera is going to take and can adapt as needed.

We know how to use light and shadows. Knowing how to manipulate your light source(s) is a super important part of good photography and can completely change an image, for better or worse.

Finally, remember that when someone is capturing your portrait objectively, they’re going to think of different poses/angles/ideas than if you were looking at yourself.

If you are tired of trying to take self-portraits that you feel beautiful or sexy in, request a call with me. I’ll go over the steps I take to ensure you’ll love your experience with a professional.