3 Steps I Take to Help My Clients Love Their Photos, No Matter Their Weight

Mar 26, 2021

Lingerie: Black Label Intimates

One of the most common things I hear on my phone consultations with women who are interested in booking a shoot is, “I’ve been wanting to do this but I would like to lose/gain some more weight first.” If you wait until you feel perfect, you may be waiting forever!

There are several ways I help my clients look and feel amazing even if they are not their “ideal weight” at the time of their session.

The first is with access to my Client Wardrobe and assistance with outfits for your session. I have found that many women are not wearing clothing in the most flattering sizes and/or styles, causing their body image to be distorted. Sometimes all you need is some guidance and even some measurements to make sure you’re purchasing the right size.

Another way I prepare my clients for loving their bodies in their photos are with body image exercises I provide via email leading up to the shoot. These exercises and other resources are designed to get you to think about your body in a less critical way, including expressing gratitude for everything your body does for you on a daily basis.

The final strategy I implement to solve this hangup is strategic posing and lighting. We can highlight your favorite assets without bringing attention to the areas you may feel less comfortable with. Plus, until you’ve had me photograph your buns, I guarantee you’ve never seen your booty like this!

Schedule a quick call with me so I can show you how this applies to you and how you can feel amazing in photos, even if you’re not happy with your current body weight.