What You Should Expect From a Boudoir Shoot

Mar 19, 2021

I heard a story from a friend the other day – her co-worker had wanted boudoir photos taken and she found a photographer in her town that “didn’t cost an arm and a leg.” So she hired them. What she didn’t realize at the time is that a lot more goes into boudoir portraits than simply the clicking of a shutter button.

My friend continued to tell me that her colleague was panicking about what to wear for the shoot because she had never picked out lingerie before. She didn’t know if she should get a spray tan beforehand, what color she should paint her nails, if she needed to bring her own makeup, if she should show up that morning with her hair wet or dry, what her image purchasing options were…she had a million questions.

In short, the experience that this woman had stepped outside of her comfort zone for ended up being stressful and disheartening instead of empowering. The photographer did not prepare her in advance, she felt very nervous and disconnected while she was getting the photos taken, and she was not posed in flattering ways. She hated her pictures.

I cringe when I hear about women having experiences like this one (and it happens often) because I never want to know that a woman’s confidence was damaged by an investment that is supposed to do the opposite. When you put your trust into someone for a service as intimate as boudoir portraits, you need to be led and guided every step of the way. You need to feel safe and prepared.

I make it my priority to ensure my services are as personalized and thorough as possible because the more comfortable you feel and the better prepared you are, the better your final products (i.e. your gorgeous images!) will be. I take many steps to make this happen for my clients:

You get to know me and my team before you even book your session by being a member of our private VIP Facebook group. Before I book anyone, I have a phone conversation with them to get to know them and make sure we are a good fit.

I have you come in for a 30-minute in-person consultation to see the space, meet me in person, check out my sample products and discuss/try on wardrobe.

You receive emails from me in the weeks leading up to your session date with a plethora of information, tips and resources.

I help you shop online. I answer your questions leading up to your big day.

My team pampers you with hair and makeup application and some bubbly to get ready that morning.

We listen to your favorite music.

You see me demonstrate every pose for you (where I am typically laughing and looking like a fool 😉).

You get to see your images the same day, and then I professionally retouch the ones that you choose, finalizing the works of art we created together.

What does all of this result in?

Beautiful, authentic photos of you. Which leads to you feeling sexy, alluring, and confident. You deserve to know that you CAN look good in photos, and if you haven’t liked them in the past, it’s not because you’re “awkward” or “unphotogenic.”

It’s just because no one has done you justice. 😊

I have limited availability left for empowering boudoir experiences this spring and summer  in which I guide my clients every step of the way, never leaving you feeling lost or unprepared, ensuring the best portraits. Go from feeling unphotogenic to seeing yourself as sensual and sexy. Request a 15-minute call with me here to see if you are a good fit for the experience!