Let’s Talk About Couples Boudoir!

Jun 3, 2021

“What if he, uhh…gets excited?”

Have you considered booking a couples shoot with your partner, but some questions are holding you back? Or are one or both of you too nervous to try it? Let’s address the elephant in the room. 😉

Let me start by saying that having intimate portraits taken as a couple is a lot less steamy than you may think. It’s a professional shoot and you have someone (me) pointing a camera at the two of you and telling you specifically how to pose the entire time, which takes away from the, erm…sexy vibe.

With that being said, I take several steps to make sure that these sessions are successful and comfortable for everyone!

Before your appointment date, the first step is to have an in-person or video consultation with me. This will help you and your partner feel a bit more prepared as we discuss boundaries, expectations and how the session itself will go. I also give wardrobe guidance before, during and after the consultation.

Once one or both of you have completed the hair and makeup part of the morning and we’ve started with the shooting session, I will be very specific in my directions and will be posing all parts of you just like I would be with a single-person shoot. The two of you will likely be concentrating so hard on listening to me that you won’t even remember any nerves you still had hanging around!

It’s completely reasonable and normal for you and your partner to feel aroused during your session – there will be a lot of kissing, touching and intimate eye contact with one another. Physical evidence of this is totally okay, as long as everyone is following the rules and respecting boundaries.

I guarantee we will laugh way more than you would expect – it’s a great way to release some tension and break up the nerves; plus, I LOVE to get candid shots of the two of you interacting.

So although it looks like one of the hottest things you two could do together, I promise it’s nothing like being completely alone. You’ll be having fun and my #1 goal is to capture the chemistry between the two of you, in a safe and professional environment!

The best part of it all may be once the two of you have the chance to revel in the excitement of doing something like a photo shoot together and appreciate your connection and electricity. 😊

If you have questions about the logistics of a couples shoot, please request a call on my calendar so that I can go over everything with you!