Nervous Giggles are OKAY

Feb 26, 2021

Have you ever been in a situation where you are so nervous that you can’t help giggling? As in, nothing is necessarily funny, but you just can’t help yourself?

If you have ever tried to take selfies that are a little bit more sultry or serious, you know what I’m talking about. You try to make ‘come hither’ eyes to the camera or your phone but end up cracking up before you take the picture, or you actually get one but once you see the picture of yourself… *DELETE.*

I bet if you are this type of person, you think there is no way you could ever do a boudoir session because you imagine that every time I pointed the camera at you, you would burst into nervous laughter or crack an awkward smile. You may be someone who looks at the sultry, sexy facial expressions by the beautiful women in my pictures and wonders how the hell they kept a straight face long enough to get that image captured. The good news is that I have an (easy) answer for this!

When you book me to take your boudoir portraits, you don’t have to worry about the natural smiles and giggles that show up throughout your session. Why? I love to capture my clients’ genuine smiles and emotions on camera! Also, I’m pretty damn goofy myself, so I’m going to be making you laugh on purpose (even if it has to start with a fake laugh, which almost always turns into a real laugh). Ask my past clients – they will tell you that’s true! Even if you don’t like your smile, I promise you that you never look prettier than when you’re happy and having fun.

Of course, we’re going to aim to also get those “bedroom eyes” in your photos, too, if that’s the mood you’re going for. One key to this is the “smize” – looking away, then looking back to me sleepily with a smile in your eyes (which I will prompt you for each and every time we need it!).

The main reason you don’t have to be worried about this is because during your session, you’ll be so focused on following my posing directions that you won’t have time to be constantly laughing because you’ll have plenty to distract you. I not only give body posing directions but I also give eye and mouth prompts to help you achieve those looks without it looking forced. Additionally, you’re going to feel beautiful and sensual with the outfits that we chose together paired with your professional hair and makeup styling, both of which will aid in your confidence in knowing that you CAN, in fact, be sexy.

The results of this beautifully intimate and vulnerable experience is that we will likely capture several different sides of you – your silly, happy, radiant self, in addition to your confident, powerful, sensual side. I’m even willing to bet that when you see your images, you’re going to like more of the ones of you smiling than you expected to. Then, we take your chosen images and design your album that will display all glorious shades of you.

If you think you can’t take boudoir portraits because you’re too awkward or you laugh when you are nervous, set up a 15-minute call with me so we can go over my process and I can assure you why you will love your final images.