Don’t be Afraid of Boudoir Makeup

Feb 19, 2021

Are you afraid of what you would look like with professional makeup application?

I bet if you don’t wear a lot of makeup in your everyday life, you imagine being dolled up would be “too much” for you.

If you are letting the fear of the unknown keep you from being pampered and made over like a model, you are missing out on seeing yourself in a whole new way!

It’s understandable to think that going from your natural, day-to-day look to wearing makeup specifically for portraits would make you look “unnatural”; however, correct makeup application is designed to simply accentuate your eyes, lips and other features that tend to get “lost” in photographs. It can also bring out confidence that translates into your images.

This is why I provide professional hair and makeup styling with all of my boudoir experiences.

My makeup artists start by prepping your skin for a smooth and even application and to leave your skin glowing and vibrant. They find the perfect foundation shade for your skin tone, which often involves blending several shades. They know how to accentuate your eye shape and color while using natural, flattering tones. They fill in and shape your eyebrows as needed (without overdoing it), and apply the perfect lip color to match your look and personality. Plus, we ALWAYS add false lashes to accentuate those eyes!

Finally, when we are done, we always make sure our clients are happy with the finished look before we begin the session. That way, you’re able to request tweaks before the artist leaves!

It’s important to remember that the lighting in portrait sessions is not the same as the lighting you see yourself in during everyday life; plus, the human eye sees differently than a camera lens, so the way you’ll see yourself in your final images is much different than looking at your reflection! When you have a professional style your makeup for a portrait session, you’ll enter the experience feeling confident, glowing, and less insecure about your “imperfections.”

If you are having trouble imagining yourself feeling beautiful after professional makeup, request a call with me here so I can explain how we can help you!