“I have no idea how to pick out lingerie!”

Feb 12, 2021

Raise your hand if you’ve never picked out a piece of lingerie. 🖐🏻

Guess what? If you mentally raised your hand, you’re definitely not alone.

You’ve seen the ads in your social media feed with the chicks looking incredible in their bra and panty sets, lace teddies and chemises, but let’s face it – not all clothing companies are inclusive in their advertising, so it’s completely understandable if you don’t see anyone that looks like you.

But maybe one day there does happen to be one woman you can relate to, and you think, okay,  maybe there is something that would look decent on me out there. You click through to their website and see a menu full of categories: Babydolls, Bodysuits, Bustiers, Camisoles, Chemises, Corsets, Garters, Teddies. Your eyes may frantically scan the menu for a “first timer?” option but no such luck. You panic and exit out. Sigh. Maybe another day.

Do you know what this doesn’t mean? That you can’t participate in and totally ROCK a boudoir portrait session. Don’t let the thought of picking out pieces that look great on you overwhelm and you stop you from seeing yourself like a supermodel.

There is a lot of flexibility in what can be worn for your portraits, and it doesn’t have to be strappy, barely-there lingerie. In fact, some clients wear slouchy sweaters, cute tanks or mini skirts. In addition, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is wearing something that is too small, or worse, too big or with too much fabric! You want to show off your beautiful curves and your shape. Picking these out on your own can be overwhelming.

What’s most important about outfit selection is that it FITS you and you feel good in it. In order to accomplish this successfully, it’s best to work with your photographer for feedback on size, cut and color. Once you have found those killer outfits, your confidence will be boosted before you even get your photo taken! You can pose knowing that your selected pieces are going to enhance your natural beauty and shape.

This is the reason I have a client wardrobe in a large range of sizes and styles that I know photograph well.

In order to ensure that my clients look and feel their most photogenic, I provide an extensive client wardrobe with pieces in sizes XS5X. During the in-person consultation prior to your shoot, you are welcome to try on whatever they would like and I am there to make recommendations and assist.

I also provide a Wardrobe Guide to you as soon as you book your session which includes lots of ideas of things you can wear for your session as well as suggestions on where to shop for them! (Hint: Amazon has some GREAT finds!) I also help you find outfits depending on what style you prefer and make sure they are the right size to show off your beautiful shape.

If you have always wanted to capture the sensual, feminine side of yourself in images but are at a loss when it comes to wardrobe, schedule a 15-minute call with me so I can explain how I can make outfits a fun part of the experience instead of a stressful one!