See Your Images the Same Day!

May 7, 2021

If you’ve ever hired a professional photographer before, you know that sometimes you have to wait days, or even weeks, to see the results!

I can imagine that waiting to see your boudoir portraits for that long would be absolute torture – I mean, you’ve imagined seeing your most confident, glowing self for so long, you don’t want to wait another day!

Want to know one of my clients’ favorite parts of the Atlantic Boudoir experience? You see your pictures that SAME DAY. In person. For real – no waiting!

When you book your session with us, you don’t have to wait more than a couple hours after your session! When we are complete with the shooting portion of the day, you get to relax and eat lunch, followed by a one-hour massage. Immediately after the massage, you meet me back in the studio room for your big reveal!

You will see between 75-100 un-retouched images on the studio television. We go through them together and take all the time you need narrowing them down. We then design your album together, including picking your custom materials and making it your own.

After you’ve left, I immediately edit and send you your chosen “referral card” image – a sneak peak to savor until the rest of your images are complete!

If you’ve paid in full at your ordering appointment, you can expect your finished products in 4-6 weeks (at the longest) – but you’ll get your fully retouched image files before that!

Schedule a short consultation with me and we can go over how the whole day works – and don’t wait another day to see your stunning self. 😌