Skin Prep for a Boudoir Shoot

May 17, 2021

Many of my clients and potential clients express concern to me about their skin looking dry, pale, and ashy in their photos; they’re also worried about their breakouts – on their face, bums…everywhere, to be honest!

Because I do professional skin retouching in all of your finished images, you don’t have to worry about bruises and blemishes showing up in your pictures. That being said, I do also provide guidance in prepping your skin and body so you feel glowing, smooth and confident for your shoot.

Instead of doing hours of research online, asking every woman you know for advice and buying a bunch of products to test out, I provide my clients with a list of recommended products and steps to take to prepare your skin to be in the best shape for your boudoir shoot.

When we meet for the consultation I can answer any questions you have about prepping your skin, as well as show you some specific skincare items I have in the studio that I recommend to my clients. If you choose to, you can take them home with you – and at a discount!

The morning of your shoot, the professional makeup application process will moisturize your facial and neck skin as well as help even out its color and texture so you don’t have to be worried about knowing how to apply makeup like an esthetician! You just show up with a clean face and we take care of the rest.

Finally, when I edit your chosen photos, it is standard practice for me to brighten up under eyes, remove any scratches, blemishes and bruises, and do a general skin smoothing all over the body.

Request a short call with me so I can explain the entire process to you and assure you why you won’t have to worry about knowing how to prep your skin for your session!