How to Create Stunning Maternity Boudoir Photos

May 23, 2021

Are you an expectant mother who wants to have pictures taken to capture this very special and beautiful time in your life, but you don’t feel sexy or beautiful in the slightest?

I totally get where you’re coming from. Although pregnancy is a seriously incredible thing, it also has a lot of unpleasant side effects for many women.

Besides the likely weight gain (which is completely normal and healthy!), there is swelling, hormonal breakouts, changes in your hair texture, and lack of good sleep. Eventually, there is the dreaded loss of the ability to do simple self-care things for themselves, such as shave your legs or paint your toenails!

You may be discouraged because you are excited to be pregnant, but you don’t feel like a glowing, radiant mother-to-be. The weekly “bump” photos you are taking to document your growing belly don’t seem to capture the incredible miracle of pregnancy in all its glory, either. Here’s how I help expecting women feel beautiful in their maternity photos.

To start, we’re going to find outfits for your session that highlight and complement your baby bump during your consultation. There are actually a lot of stretchable shapewear and bodysuits that are not necessarily maternity-specific, but still can fit over growing bellies.

One of my other favorite things to recommend to my clients to wear is a long, lacy dress or robe over a bra and panty set – and we have several in the Client Wardrobe!

Finally, I think that nudes and “bodyscapes” are my favorite shots to take of my maternity clients because it truly accentuates the beauty and strength of the body during this very important event in your life in a timeless way.

You will get pampered the morning of your session with professional hair and make up. This will brighten dark circles under your eyes, even out splotchy skin, and style your hair so you feel a lot more glamorous and a little more like your pre-pregnant self!

During the session, I pose you in ways that are comfortable but also highlight your changing body in a tasteful, artful way.

By working with Atlantic Boudoir for maternity portraits, you will be able to capture this limited moment in time in a way that can be enjoyed forever, as well as treat yourself to something relaxing and specifically designed to make you feel beautiful in your own skin.

Schedule a call with me so I can talk to you more about how I operate my maternity sessions and why my mothers feel absolutely stunning after they are complete.