An Experience She’ll Never Forget

Dec 7, 2021


Ms. M was a blast to have in the studio. She found me on Instagram and knew she wanted to do a boudoir session to celebrate herself. How AMAZING does she look in the fuchsia teddy?!

How do you think your session went?
It was great!! Definitely glad I stepped out of my comfort zone.

What was the best part of the experience for you?
Having Alisha being so helpful and making me feel so comfortable.

Now that you’ve completed your session and seen your images, is there something that you would have liked to tell your pre-session self to do, not do, or not to worry about?
Continue loving me for me. I usually dress to camouflage my stomach. That’s really only thing I don’t like about myself. But doing this shoot..I honestly didn’t think about trying to hide it. Stomach or not, I’m still beautiful. And after seeing my pictures, if I didn’t truly realize it before, I definitely do now.

Would you change anything about the experience? If yes, what specifically? Is there anything we can improve?
I wouldn’t change a thing. Yes it’s a lot of posing and moving around. But Alisha is talking you through every move. She’s on point with everything!!

How would you rate your body confidence post-session on a scale from 1-10?
10 (Pre: 7)

“I highly recommend every woman to try this at least once. Don’t worry about being shy or uncomfortable. Alisha is so down to earth. It’s like being in a room with a long time friend. If you have any doubt of your beauty, or just wanna step out the box and try something different, this will definitely be an experience you’ll never forget. I’m already thinking about doing another session.”


Makeup: Felicia Dixon, BBJ Beauty

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