What’s a Model Release? – Wilmington, NC Boudoir

Jan 27, 2020

One of the most important aspects of a boudoir photo shoot is the “model release form.” At least, that’s what I call mine. Unfortunately, if you choose to give “full release” of your images via this form, I can’t promise that you will become an insta-model for Victoria’s Secret. 😉 What it does tell me is how private you want your purchased images to stay.

Let me explain.

My clients are never required and will never be required to share their images. This is 100% a personal choice that they make at the end of their ordering appointment. The only reason you see women’s photos on my website, my social media platforms and my marketing materials is because those women explicitly gave me permission to do so.

There are actually four different “levels” of release, and every client must choose one at the end of their ordering appointment:

  • Full Release (Any images that have purchased)
  • Select Release (Certain outfits/sets only)
  • Anonymous Release (Unidentifiable images with 1/4 profile or less visible)
  • No Release (Images will not be published or shared)

If the client chooses “Select Release”, there is a notes section for her to indicate which ones are okay to share (i.e. the ones in the black teddy; the ones without nipple, etc.). Some other notes about the release…

The model release means that you agree to allow Atlantic Boudoir to share your edited images on social media, my website, email marketing, and print marketing. I will never “tag” or identify you in any images (and your friends are not permitted to tag or identify you!) but you are welcome to tag yourself! If you give any level of release and change your mind, I will 100% take down any images I have already shared as quickly as I am able to.

My clients’ privacy is very important to me and this form helps everyone be on the same page. I am so grateful to my clients who choose to allow me to share any of their gorgeous images at all, and I know you all love it, too!