What NOT to Bring to Your Boudoir Session

Apr 5, 2020

There are plenty of fun things that you can bring with you to your boudoir session, but below, I list some items that you definitely should leave at home when the day arrives (and some of them may come as a surprise to you!).

1. Weapons
I know this seems like a no-brainer, but no, I do not photograph guns, swords, knives, etc. It’s just not my style. Plus, it’s not worth the added liability!

2. Live animals
Again, seems weird that I have to say that, but I also don’t typically photograph pets/live (or dead?) animals of any kind. Not my style, and too easy to get sidetracked! I want the shoot to be about YOU!

3. Too many props
In general, we are going to stay away from excessive props. While I want the photographs to show off your unique style and personality, incorporating too many elements truly distracts from highlighting your body. Plus, you want the images to be timeless for many years to come…you don’t want to be stuck with something in your image that you think is tacky or brings back bad memories for you down the road.

4. Your bestie/significant other (unless it’s a couples session, of course!)
My space is not large, and having someone else there makes things a bit tricky. You may think you would feel more comfortable to have someone you know watching your session take place, but believe me – you’ll be more self-conscious because you’ll know they’re watching! Trust me in this experience. 🙂

5. Your child(ren)
See number four. Plus, having to worry about your offspring kind of defeats the purpose of this special day of pampering we have planned for you! This is a hard no for me.

6. Your own makeup
My makeup artists are pros and have a full kits for every skin tone, desired look, etc. You don’t even need to bring your own foundation! Of course, if you have any kind of makeup allergy, please let me know in advance so we can be sure to accommodate you!

7. Your sex toys
I’m all about the kink, but that’s not my style of intimate portraiture. If you are looking to take some sexy selfies, I’m working on a tutorial for that – and you can take them at home with your phone or laptop!

8. Your inhibitions
Yes, it takes some guts to step outside of your comfort zone and pose with little clothing in front of a woman that you may not know so well; try to leave your insecurities and fears at the door and I promise my team and I will take care of you.

Looking for more info on the experience? Request my Boudoir Session Guide here!