Why Boudoir Photography?

Dec 7, 2023

Why Boudoir Photography?

Sometimes I find it hard to put into words why I shoot boudoir photography. To me, it’s about so much more than photos. It’s about art, self-acceptance and body positivity/neutrality. It’s about doing something for yourself for once; taking a day focused on self-care and laughing your ass off. It’s about the transformation that takes place between you booking the shoot and you walking out of the studio that day (and beyond!). I think all women deserve this transformation.

I started shooting boudoir photography because of how I felt after my first-ever shoot (all the way back in 2014!) to create an album for my then-fiancé as a wedding gift. To be honest, I had never even thought about doing boudoir before it was suggested to me by our wedding photographer, but I’m SO glad she did!

After seeing the final photos and being very pleasantly surprised by how I felt, a seed was planted that I had to be involved in this art form in some way. My business brain started working on overdrive, and I offered to open and run a second studio for the phenomenal photographer who had taken my portraits. To my surprise, she insisted that I start my own boudoir photography business instead, and with her help, guidance and encouragement, here I am today!

The Transformation

The transformation that takes place in the studio is surely the best part for me and my team. When a woman arrives for her shoot, she is most often nervous – sometimes visibly, with shaky hands and sweaty palms. Once we get her settled with a mimosa or other yummy beverage in the makeup chair, you can see some of the nerves start to dissipate as she chats and laughs with us.

Then we start the shoot – and girl, when I tell you that my clients are too busy listening to my coaching to be nervous, I mean it! I show you how to do everything – I will never leave you hanging, wondering what you should do with your hands or where you should look. As we get warmed up, I sometimes let them steal a peek at the back of the camera and typically get a response along the lines of, “OH MY GOD, that’s me?! There’s no way!”

By the time we are done shooting, we have bonded in a unique way. We’ve shared stories, laughter and sometimes tears and it will be an experience that you will always remember.

After lunch, I get to show them their photos (the big reveal!) and this is when their jaws drop. They’ve never seen themselves like this before. This is seriously the most incredible thing about boudoir photography – I get to show these women how the people in their life who love them see them – not the version of themselves they project into their reflection. When they leave my studio that day, they are literally glowing with pride, happiness and confidence and nearly bursting at the seams to tell their friends about their day and show them their “sneak peek” image!

A Little Piece of My Story

Ever since I was little, I remember my beautiful mother making negative comments about her appearance regularly, and I couldn’t understand why. I saw her as the most gorgeous, smart and amazing woman in the world.

As I got older, it became very obvious why she felt this way about herself – society has set unfair, unrealistic and unnecessary expectations on women that many of us carry heavy on our shoulders. To this day, my mother is my biggest supporter and cheerleader and I know she sees me as nothing less than an absolute marvel – and that is how I want women to start to view themselves.

When I discovered first-hand that boudoir photos are a very powerful tool in transforming your self-image and increasing your confidence, I knew deep in my heart that I had to be a part of this movement.

(Images: Elizabeth Roses Photography, GA)

Yup, that’s me at one of my own boudoir shoots!

You know what happened when I decided to book my second official boudoir shoot? I booked 10 months in advance, and I couldn’t believe that I was telling myself the same thing that I always tell my clients NOT to worry about leading up to their shoots: “Great, I have 10 months to lose these extra 15 pounds.”

Spoiler alert: I did not lose the weight. In fact, I may have gained a little. I admittedly was pretty nervous going into the experience because I didn’t want to be let down by what I saw in the photos. But what actually happened was SO much better!

I was reminded of how my clients feel going into this. I was able to allow myself to be the one being coached instead of doing the coaching; I was the vulnerable one in the room. Most importantly, I LOVED the images – I saw the fire in my eyes, the strength of my body and the spunk of my personality. It was just what I needed to remind myself that my weight DOES NOT MATTER – I am me, regardless of what the outside looks like.

For me, boudoir photography is a celebration of who you are. You deserve to honor your body and everything that it’s been through. Let us lift and light you up – the world will be a better place for it!

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